I told my parents the last thing any parent would want to hear

I told them I wanted to be a clown! (no kidding)

I had this burning desire, this passion, this urge, this dream to make people laugh.
Pursuing this dream meant I had to overcome massive obstacles without any support from my parents or most of my friends.
I had no money, no certifications, no idea how to become a clown, no clients, no business.

There was only passion and my desire to accomplish a goal that others called ridiculous and unfeasible.
That drove me.
That gave me fuel.
Giving up wasn't an option.

It took me almost ten years to get there.

But I did it.
I was a professional clown for more than 20 years.

During my clowning days, I got the opportunity to become a hospital clown.
I often visited children who were facing certain death.
I needed more than a pair of big shoes and a red nose to do this work.
I needed again to overcome many obstacles.
And I took them one by one.

I still see parents who thank me. My visit was the last time they saw their child laugh.

I take great pride in overcoming these obstacles and persevering in following my dream and passion.
If I had not followed through, these parents wouldn’t have that last image of their dying child laughing.
It is without a doubt the most valuable gift you can give these parents at that moment.

By following my dream, I made an enormous difference and I was very successful.
I achieved all the goals but that success held me back from the next level.

I often had the feeling that it was too easy what I was doing, that I should work harder for my money.
I felt guilty when I was doing nothing and judged myself for being lazy.
I also searched for perfection in everything I did, and in the end that was holding me back from the next level.
But maybe the biggest mistake I made was not asking for help.
I thought I could do it all by myself and thought I knew it all.
I didn't want to hear the truth.

In 2015 I stopped performing and immersed myself in coaching. At first life coaching, then career coaching and now I finally arrived at my preferred audience: High performers.

Because I am one.

So let's talk and let's find out how I can serve you.


Career coach Eddy Smits.jpg

life isn't easy but...
it is simple!

In 2012 I wrote the book Model C
It was inspired by my career as a hospital clown.

The insights in life and business I got from this work, are the foundation of the S.E.R.I.O.U.S. coaching trajectory.

The certifications in NLP, life coaching, happiness coaching, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Management Drives made S.E.R.I.O.U.S. well substantiated.
Yes, I am serious!

The real strength of the program however is the individual and personal character and approach.
The coaching style is unique and based on my work as a hospital clown and me, being a high performer.

If you are not highly driven, this program could be not for you.