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I told my parents the last thing any parent would want
to hear

I told them I wanted to be a clown! (no kidding)
Pursuing this dream meant I had to overcome massive obstacles without support from friends or family.

Passion and my desire to accomplish what others called ridiculous and unfeasible, drove me.  
Giving up was never an option and I became a professional clown. (1993-2015)

In 2008 I got the opportunity to volunteer as a hospital clown. I visited more than 10.000 sick and palliative children. (1998-2008) This work required more than a pair of big shoes and a red nose.
I needed to develop a strong kind of leadership, but most of all I needed to learn to connect, which, even as a clown is a challenge with sick or palliative children.

I am a licensed NLP practitioner, and a certified Management Drives trainer.
I am a certified Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach, a certified master Mindset Liefcaoch and a Mental Fitness Coach.
I also have a bachelor's in Pedagogy.

My passion is helping people by using my experience to increase their peak performance so they have peace of mind and healthy relationships.
I work with the science-based positive intelligence method, which works similarly to a hospital clown.

It's all about living and working with ease and flow.

Watch this video to learn more about Positive intelligence and Mental Fitness.


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