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I empower creatives to build a profitable business with their passion by growing their self-confidence.

I was a professional artist for 20 years. Let me explain what I mean with ‘professional’.

For me, professional means that your artistic career provides you all the money and freedom you need.

As long as your artistic endeavors make less money than your other professional activities, then I call it a hobby.

Nothing wrong with that by the way.

But let’s just be clear about it.

It always frustrated me when I saw former colleagues use the word professional and I knew it was just some sidekick.

Most of all it made me sad because I saw very talented people hating their job and getting frustrated by the fact that their passion couldn’t provide them with an adequate income.

This is why I created the coaching program F.A.N.

I know how frustrated you can get as an artist when you struggle with the business side of your passion.

If you are an artistic, creative person and you want to build a profitable business with your passion, then let’s talk!


Eddy Smits

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