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I help people get confidence and clarity
so they can achieve their goals and dreams
doing what they love

Why aren't you doing what you love?
You probably have a million reasons, right?

And I get that.

But what is it costing you?
How much happiness does it give you when you are going to work every day, knowing you want to do something else?

What is that thing you would love to do if money wasn't a problem?
Would you still be doing the job you are doing now?

What if I told you there is a way to do what you love?

I've always done it.
Do you think I had the money, the time, the skill etc. that was needed to pursue my dream?

I didn't.

But I still followed my dream and so can you.
I will be happy to tell you how you can start doing what you love right NOW!

You choose to stay

When you are going to be your authentic you and start doing what you love?

When will you have fun again doing your job?

So cut the bullshit and feel totally free to do what you love!


How would your life look like?


How would the life of the people around you look like?

Book a free call and discover how I can help you achieve that.

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I didn't feel like I was making the most of my life while doing my job.
I often found myself between half-finished plans and failed goals.
This caused unrest.
Thanks to Eddy, I saw why I always bumped into the same walls.
I learned to make decisions and I have realized that my chosen path is VERY feasible.
I was able to reflect regularly and I gained new insights.
Today, more than two years later, I am even further than the initial planning of my ideas.

Allowing myself to grow has given me many more opportunities

Walter - Educator.

I suffered from bore-out at my job when I contacted Eddy.
At that time I was unable to think clearly.

Eddy helped me to organize my thoughts with the questions he brought to our sessions.
He helped me to re-evaluate what's important to me and gave me the confidence
to make the courageous decisions that I needed to break free and
to achieve a lifetime change

Gert - Copywriter

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  • Testimonial Gert
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enjoy life, you only have one!

it seems impossible
until it's done

-Nelson Mandela-

We tend to forget.
Nelson Mandela was 27 years in jail without committing a real crime.
He became president of South Africa.

So what are you complaining about?
Get the fuck out of your own way and make it happen!

That's what the S.E.R.I.O.U.S program will provide you.