Eddy Smits Masterclass


how to
do what you love
in 5 steps

  • Cet clear about your passion

  • this will lead to confidence

  • that will lead to doing what you love

  • this will energize you

  • Energy will lead to money

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Eddy Smits is the Author of Model C, coach, actor, clown, entrepreneur, public speaker, mentor, and creator of the leadershipsmodel F.A.B.U.S.

Eddy helps people to get clarity about their passion and  have the confidence to do what they love.

Doing  what you love will give you energy and ultimately that will lead to money.

In this masterclass we will cover

In this masterclass there will be


June 13

10am PT / 1pm EST
6pm UK / 7 pm CEST
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