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Who is Eddy Smits?

I was born in Hasselt, Belgium, in 1968.

I grew up as an only child. Trouble started when I went to secondary school

I became a very unhappy child that couldn’t understand the world. I didn’t fit in.


I had no confidence in myself what so ever.


I’ve always had a burning desire for acceptance, being loved, and being understood so that I could fit in somewhere. Because I couldn’t find that in my environment, I probably became an artist so I could express myself in a way I wouldn’t be judged.


But being an artist meant, it was essential that my confidence was SKYHIGH!


I didn't have a girlfriend and felt unhappy all of the time. I couldn't even look people in the eye. But still I wanted to be an artist and entertain people!


I decided to pursue my passion and dreams. Suddenly I found a way to express myself and finally I did something loved. I sold my BMW and invested all my money into my newfound business.


For the first in a long time, I felt really confident. It wasn't easy but I found my path.


My self-confidence grew overnight and guess what? I was invited to audition for playing a character in a vacation parc. That was right up my alley!

I even met my first wife there. Things started to improve and my happiness finally reached an acceptable level.

Only because I decided to chase my dream and work on my confidence.


It was hard. I won’t lie to you. But the reward was priceless and good things kept on coming my way.

I had a loving relationship, became a stepfather from a very sweet daughter and I started to get good in what I was doing. I took several classes and through all this education I kept improving myself.

I even got an invitation to a new challenge. Out of several people I was chosen to start working as a hospital clown and did this work for more than 10 years.


Being a hospital clown takes an enormous amount of confidence!


After my years as a hospital clown, I wrote a book and this book became the blueprint for my coaching business and my life in general.

Until now I still use the principals of the book whenever I feel stuck or when I feel my confidence diminishing.

Sure, life threw me some curveballs. I lost my passion in my work, I broke up a 20-year relationship, I lived in Africa for a while, and started a coaching business from scratch.


Thanks to my confidence I could achieve all this!


Confidence is a superpower. Once you start believe in yourself, the magic starts happening!




Take care.



Eddy Smits

Sint-Katarinaplein 12/33

3500 Hasselt



tel +32 475 70 23 13

mail info@eddysmits.be

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