Who is Eddy Smits?

I was born in Hasselt, Belgium, in 1968.

I grew up as an only child. My childhood passed very smoothly. Trouble started when I went to secondary school

and I had to leave my town school. I became a very unhappy child that couldn’t understand the world. I didn’t fit in.

But I’m guessing that’s not the kind of stuff you’re looking for.

You’re probably wondering, can Eddy help ME?


Simple answer: maybe, so let’s find out!


Perhaps like you, I’ve always had a burning desire for acceptance, being loved, and being understood so that I could fit in somewhere.  Because I couldn’t find that in my environment, I probably became an artist so I could express myself in a way I wouldn’t be judged.

But this happened only after a wrong career choice and a few jobs I hated. The only thing about my first job I loved was the fact that during my lunch break I could listen to music in the record shop across the street. But I was bored and felt unhappy all of the time.

The turning point was when I decided to pursue my passion. Suddenly I found a way to express myself and finally did something I loved. I sold my BMW and invested all my money into my newfound business.

For the first in a long time, I felt really happy. It wasn't easy but I found my path.

Another thing that stroke me was that for the first time in my life I didn’t think about the money. I didn’t care how much money I was making. Where in my previous jobs it was all about how much I was making, it now didn’t seem to matter that money is important.

My personal growth however took a huge leap. My self-confidence grew overnight and guess what? I was invited to audition for playing a character in a vacation parc. That was right up my alley!

I even met my first wife there. Things started to get better and my happiness finally reached a level that was sufficient.

Only because I decided to chase my dream. It was hard. I won’t lie to you. But the reward was priceless and good things kept on coming in my direction.

I had a loving relationship, became a stepfather from a very sweet daughter and I started to get good in what I was doing. I took several classes and through all this education I kept improving myself.

I even got an invitation to a new challenge. Out of several people I was lucky to start working as a hospital clown and did this work for 10 years.

After my years as a hospital clown, I wrote a book and this book became the blueprint for my coaching business and my life in general.

Until now I still use the principals of the book whenever I feel stuck or when I need to change.

Sure, life threw me some challenges. I lost my passion in my work, I broke up a 20-year relationship, I lived in Africa for a while and started a coaching business from scratch.


The greatest lesson in life I learned is that you will never fit in, as long as you are not yourself and keep playing the role others want you to play. 


And this has now become my mission in life. I know that if I can overcome my obstacles you can do it too.

Don't hesitate. What do you have to lose?  Don't afraid or too stubborn to ask for help.

Book your free call and you will immediately know if I can help you or not.


Take care.



Eddy Smits

Sint-Katarinaplein 12/33

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