Another year over and what have you done? We all know the song but what did we do? Was it a year where we just did some more of the same as we always do or did we finally tackle our problems? What did we do to make our lives and with it the lives of our loved ones better? Did we work on ourselves in terms of happiness or was it a year where money led our motives to get into action? It’s good to reflect sometimes so you can see what you want to do differently next year. Resolutions, you know. However insignificant these resolutions seem to be, we make them anyway. And it’s a good thing not considering the fact we don’t honour most of them. Resolutions don’t change the world. The action does, but we need to make them first before we can come into action. The question is: Is 2022 going got be a year full of action or are you going to stay in your head? Is it going to be more of the same or do we get to change things? For most people, it’s just another year. It won’t be much different from the past year. Make your resolutions and find a way to stick to them. Maybe you can team up with a friend who holds you accountable. Maybe you can hire a coach who can help you get into action and go after the things you have been dreaming about for the past years. Take action or live the same year all over again to have regrets when the next year will be gone. Don’t settle for easiness. Come out of your comfort zone and make it a year where you have truly lived.

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