Are life coaches smart?

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW LIFE COACHES KNOW SO MUCH? To be short. We don’t! So how can we help you? If a life coach is serious, he or she will help you in her or his field of expertise. And here’s the catch. You can’t get expertise by getting certified or by studying life coaching. You can certainly learn some techniques and some exercises but if you want to help people you’ve had to experience it yourself. You’ve had to feel it You’ve had to be crying over it. But most importantly, you’ve had to overcome it. That’s the only way you can truly help people as a life coach. Age, gender, diplomas are all irrelevant. It all comes down to understand your client fully and then show them the way to get out of their situation by coaching them through it. Let me give you a few examples. About 30 years ago I told my parents I wanted to be a clown. You can imagine that didn’t go down well. I had a nice diploma (teacher) and now I wanted to be a clown. I must have gone crazy. Now I fully understand people who are tired of their job and want to transit to something they love doing. I know the feeling and most of all I know how to overcome everything. I went through it all and became a professional clown. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping people who want to follow their heart, their passion. It’s because I know how unhappy I was teaching and how happy I became following my dream. Many people want to follow their dreams but get stuck by all kinds of blocks. I can show them the way to overcome these blocks if they are willing to work on them. And that’s just one example. But you get my point. I’m not taking a client if I’m not 100% sure I can help them. And now you see why I know. If you want to follow your dream, but if you are stuck. Message me, I can help you. Imagine how it would be like. Take care, Eddy.

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