Updated: Mar 15, 2021

life coach Eddy Smits

Sounds like the easiest thing in the world and yet it can be hard.

Both in my career as an artist and as a coach I struggled with being myself.

Especially as an artist. You think you need to be this icon or that you have to behave as a superstar while the opposite is true.

The moment you follow your heart and just be yourself that’s when the magic starts to happen.

That’s when you will feel a shift.

Hold your horses!

You won’t see fireworks and the skies won’t open.

On the contrary. It will progress even more slowly than before and you have to stay vigilant that you stay true to yourself all the time. The path is very slippery.

It’s always tempting to go off course.


Wanting to take a short cut

Following the wrong people. Etc.

I did it all.

The fact I did it in my previous career, now let me realize that I had to start all over by being myself. And it was again a hard nut to crack.

I needed to change profoundly.

Another coach had to point it out to me.

At some point, I felt stuck and my business was going nowhere, although my coaching skills were pretty ok.

At that point, I was attracted by a Facebook ad and listened to what the coach had to say.

I ended up hiring the coach and although I knew everything my coach said to me I needed it to hear again.

I wanted to go too fast.

To realize this took me two years! Can you imagine?

But once I made the decision I was launched for good.

If you are currently not happy with your life and you want to make a change.

You can.

But stay true to yourself.

Don’t change because people want you to change, especially when you feel that you can be yourself and do business or act like that.

Change if you don’t feel happy in your work, your relation, your environment etc.

It’s not a question if you can.

The only question is when and how.

First, you need to take the decision.

Once you’ve done that the only thing you need to do is stick to it.

Trust me.

Whatever situation you’re in. There’s always a way to get out.

True happiness lies within yourself.

Once you get that, life will become more pleasant.

It isn’t easy, but it is simple!

Take care.


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