being yourself can be hard

HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED BEING YOURSELF CAN BE HARD? It is. Though it is simple… The biggest challenge is to be stronger than your surroundings. Our society, friends even schools don’t want us to be ourselves. Schools want us to be this average student that gets a diploma and can go to work for the next 30 or 40 years. Society wants us to get married, buy a house a car, get some children so everyone can sell us stuff we don’t need. Our friends often become friends for the wrong reasons. They admire us for the house, the car, the children, the debt… We drink wine from a French castle because it’s expensive. We love to eat in fancy restaurants and take pictures of the food instead of tasting it. We love to put filters on our Instagram pictures because it makes us look better. Videoclips are becoming more important than the music itself. Indeed, it is not easy to be ourselves. Why should we? Because if we are not so fixed about having that house and car we would put ourselves in a position for a financial disaster. Because the name of the wine is not important as long as it tastes good. How the restaurant is looking isn’t important if the food is delicious. And we would listen to music on the radio or Spotify In short, it makes us happier and that is the only reason. But I think it’s a good one. Are you ready to choose a life that you fully support but don’t know how to start? Message me and we’ll talk. It’s really simple. Trust me, I’ve been there. Take care, Eddy.

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