When Google ‘leadership’, it gives me 2.960.000.000 results.

Two billion, nine hundred and sixty million!

When I do the same with ‘Coca Cola’ it’s ‘only 286.000.000.

That’s ten times less for one of the world’s well-known products.

There are more than 15.000 books about leadership!

Fifteen thousand!

I think I’ve made my point.

No point in debating.

Let’s asks ourselves what it’s all about?

It’s about results.

I’ll ask the question again: Boss or leader?

Then it doesn’t matter. It boils down to how to find and motivate or right people to serve your purpose.

But that’s food for thoughts for another thousand books.

Let’s just cut the crap.

It’s all about results!

That’s what it’s about. To get results you only keep what is essential.

You need to be the right leader or boss for the right people.

That needful choice is for you to make.

How do you get results?

You don’t. Your team does.

And that comes down to good communication.

(I’ve searched that word too - 3.720.000.000 hits- which gives you again some idea)

Same issue here.

That’s why the issue -boss or leader- is irrelevant.

There are just too many factors to take into account.

You can never come up with a precise answer.

And yet…

We have to know what kind of leader or boss we need to be. Now and then, we will need to act like the boss. Sometimes we’ll have to be a leader.

This elucidates why there are so many leadership books.

There is no solid answer.

It’s all true and useless at the same time.

It’s all up to you!

It expounds on why there are so many books about leadership.

It’s quite a package: knowledge, charisma, communicator, drive, motivation, determination, fearlessness, boldness, entrepreneurship, courage, cleverness etc, are just a few words that come to mind.

To summarize.

The debate leadership or leader is a story without an end.

It’s only looking good in memes.

In the meantime, true leaders of bosses -whatever- have to figure out what’s best to get the best results.

True leaders or bosses – you’ll get the picture by now- are not concerned whether they are the boss or the leader.

They have more important things to do.

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