I had started my journey as a professional clown and did pretty well in that business.

I had clients, I was doing what I loved and was even making a living out of it.

Things were looking well.

A friend told me about a clown school that organized a masterclass.

I felt like I was ready for that. Boy was I wrong.

I was hit by a 10-pound hammer on the first day of the class.

I stood on stage with all my experience and failed big time.

Big time!

I didn't get anything right.

There I was, a professional feeling like a little boy at the blackboard taking an exam in front of the class getting not a single answer right.

The minutes on stage felt like hours.

I cried all the way driving home that first day.

I even told my wife that I was seriously considering not going back the next day!

Can you believe that?

Clowning was my biggest passion.

I wanted to get out!

I did not believe it, but I felt such a loser on stage that every fibre in my body wanted to quit.

But I didn't!

That moment turned out to be the turning point in my clown career. I followed through and got a whole new, better perspective on clowning.

I never realized it back then, but this moment laid the foundations of a thriving clown career.

If I had failed to return the next day, I would have been doing birthday parties instead of growing my business.

But the most important thing was that I got the love clowning more.

Instead, I grew as a clown and developed a world-class act.

I had to drop my ego, I had to forget all the things I learned before and start over.

That’s not easy when you have already achieved many things and when you are at a certain level.

Feeling a loser isn’t a bad thing, as long as you take the necessary steps to acknowledge you never know it all.

That’s the attitude you need to grow.

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