Updated: Mar 15, 2021

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Oh yea!

We want that.

Let’s define ‘things for free’ and ‘millionaire’. What do I mean with things for free?

Is there something in your life you would do for free?

Certainly, there will be something. It can be a hobby or taking care of your children, playing videogames, watching movies or being on social media etc.

I’m pretty sure there is something.

Of course, you could be on social media all day without you being paid. Chances are you are already well on your way.

Now imagine that this was your job. Nice, right?

But why do you need to imagine this? Some people make a living, being on social media all day. There are even people who are millionaires just by being on social media.

Now let’s define ‘millionaire’.

Riches don’t need to be money. I can be, but not necessarily.

Most people think that once they have their 6 figures, they will be happy.

Chances are that you are just as miserable with all your money.

Though money is important it is not the most important thing to become happy. It is the feeling of doing what you love because then you do not experience your endeavors as work.

That’s what I mean by working for free.

Now that we have explained this, what’s stopping you?

The times have changed. The world has changed.

You don’t have any excuse anymore not to pursue your dreams.

Stop making excuses and just do it!

What’s holding you back?

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