Such a cliché! I get it, it’s a quote that’s is as easily said as good morning. It’s a bit like money. Everyone wants it, but few are willing to do what it takes. Many people are willing to work hard, that’s not the issue. Willing to do what it takes means something completely different. Most of the time it means we start to get doing what we don’t love, what’s out of our comfort zone. We can’t escape from it. In order to do what we love, working hard is not enough. Sorry. In many cases working hard is not even part of the deal. You need to be like a firefighter. The natural reaction of people is to run away from fire. A firefighter defies his fears. He outbraves them and walks straight into the fire. The secret of doing what you love is just that. You got to get good at doing what scares you. To be able to do what you love you need to do the things you hate the most. That’s the secret. Period. Indeed, easier said than done. Often, we are more committed to our fears than to our dreams. We reach a certain level of comfort and we stop. That’s a very human thing to do but it doesn’t help you to break through the barrier and keep looking to step outside this comfort zone. I’m sure you know people from your schooldays who run a great business. Back in the day, they were absolutely terrible at school. They were lazy, their grades were merely sufficient to go to the next grade and they had poor work ethics. They went to every party, got in all kinds of trouble and most of the teachers hates them being in their class. When you meet them many years later, some of them build a business and are doing well for themselves. The key is not working hard or having the right work ethic. These things will come automatically. The key is that they went out of their comfort zone. They did what it took to get to a place where they wanted to be. Maybe because they didn’t have a backup as a good diploma or loving parents? Who knows? What I do know is that they had the guts and determination to make it work. They did what they didn’t love to do to be able to do what they love. They made hard and powerful choices. They weren’t afraid to fail or start over again. They took the challenges head-on and did what needed to be done. If you are dreaming of doing what you love, you’ve got to consider that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. You’ve got to consider that you need to step out of your #comfortzone. Not once, but constantly. The good news is that you don’t need to do it on your own. To be honest, I doubt you can make it on your own. I wish I had more help in my career as an artist but it was my own responsibility. I didn’t ask for help and that made me burn out. Asking for help isn’t weak. It is the strongest, smartest thing you can do.

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