Updated: Mar 15, 2021

What is gut feeling?🤔

heart versus brain on a scale

Successful people have it, creative people have it and use it.

Does everybody have it? Can you learn it?

Everyone has it. It is innate, it is in our genes, just as we will run from danger spontaneously. We just have to learn to recognize it and use it.

We usually know, but we still choose the other, the easier way.

Again, it is related to how our brain works.🤯

Our brain chooses a safe way but that might not always be the right way.

Successful people, happy people, creative people have the guts to take a side road.

It’s like tourists.⛱

Most tourists do not go further than the marked popular places. The tourist places. Ok, you saw that one coming.

Why would they go further? It is beautiful, there’s always something to eat or drink and they can take the picture everybody knows and recognizes when they come home.

At first sight, there's no reason to search further. But do you really want to visit a place to take a picture everybody makes? If you explore the small streets, away from the crowd and tourists, away from the known statues and squares, there is a possibility you will discover wonderful places.

You will find different kinds of shops then the one you’ll find everywhere with the stuff you can buy everywhere. You will discover nice squares and restaurants were local people eat. Where the food is better and cheaper.

You will discover the real city. Give it a try next Mme if you visit a city again.

You’ll be surprised.😉

But it will take patience and you will have to endure. It will not be the first street you’ll walk into. It can be challenging. It takes guts and courage. Our brain wants to protect us from pain, that's the job. If you follow your gut feeling, it can be accompanied by some pain. If you follow the small streets as a tourist and you do not immediately see something you like, your feet will start to hurt, your children will start to nag or even your wife, it will get too hot and you just want to sit and drink something, and then you are often inclined to give it. Don’t! Follow your gut feeling.

If you do hang in, you’ll discover things that you didn't think were possible and that will give you great satisfaction. It will all be worth it. You will forget the pain in your feet, your thirst, and the nagging.

Our brains have valued many situations over the years. Our brain is very good at ‘see, I told you so'. Our brain wants to protect us from pain and is very lazy. But guess what?

We are in control of our brains, so we decide what happens!

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