Updated: Mar 15, 2021

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Each time I open social media lately I’m surprised how much advertisement there is about earning six figures. It seems to be the latest expression on making money. They don’t call it a million anymore, it is now six figures. And I have to admit that it pulls you in. It gets your attention. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong about it, that is, if the people who advertise this are really concerned about you earning six figures. But you see, that’s where in mostly every case it goes extremely wrong.

It’s not about your six figures. It’s about theirs!

The lot of them aren’t remotely interested in your wellbeing. People still think that earning a lot of money will make them happy. Again, don’t get me wrong. You need money and I’ll have to be really honest I don’t have a lot of it, and I even wouldn’t mind, to earn some more, but what I’m very sure about is that there is no proportionate relation of money and happiness. That means that the more money the happier you will be is not the case. And this is not because I’m stating it. Studies have showed that for example people who win the lottery aren’t exactly much happier. The moment that your first needs are met, you even don’t need more money to be happy. It is even proven that at a certain level of richness, your happiness will drop! The thing that strikes me most is that everybody, and yes, I admit, including me, are drawn into this kind of advertisement. So that means there is still a lot of misunderstanding about happiness and money.

But if money is not the key to happiness, then let’s look at some ads about happiness. When I look at these ads, it seems that happiness can’t be found on this earth. Apparently, you will find in in spiritualism, yoga, meditating, sunsets, rocks that are piled up etc. It is the new religion. But let’s be honest, if you think you will find happiness in sunsets and pictures of Buddha then you are again evading the ‘million dollar question’ or should I say six figure question? Happiness lies within yourself. You don’t need sunsets, Buddha, mindfulness, rainbows, religion, spiritualism, money, good looks, a cool car etc.

Starting to understand this, is the beginning of your happiness.

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