Emotional rollercoaster

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

stressed man sitting by the sea

This corona period is been an emotional rollercoaster.

For starters, I got separated from my wife and son and I still don’t know when we can see each other. Same thing with my mother who is in a care home. Businesswise it all stopped, like so many businesses.

But I think we all had a lot to overcome, right. We are all in the same boat, worldwide.

Everybody had lots of ups and downs. The downs are pretty clear, I guess.

The ups for me, definitely were keeping myself motivated and invest in myself, my personal growth. I took on some reading, even took an online course and I reviewed my life coaching business. I'm still working on it.

I went back to my roots and did a big ‘Tabula Rasa’.

And now, I am exactly where I needed to be.

The life coach industry is growing fast and I got frustrated when I saw what other coaches did. This lockdown period allowed me to look at me, instead of comparing myself with other coaches.

Yes, it was hard and sometimes I wanted to throw the towel, but I never did. Mostly because I followed my heart and gut feeling. I know I can help people grow and find the best in themselves.

I got humble but still kept my self-confidence. I know what I’m worth.

Now that the corona crisis is coming to an end, we should evaluate how we coped with this crisis.

Did we take the role of victim as so many or did we take the hit, even fell, but picked ourselves up and came out stronger than before?

How do you handle life?

Are you are thinking: ‘Why is this always happening to me?’ , ‘When the crisis is over I will do it’, ‘When I win the lottery my troubles will be over’ etc.

This means you’ll have to do something to make you stronger.

Do you want to get stronger?

Do you want to look at your problems and fears and overcome them?

Start investing in your personal growth, like you would invest in your business. It is by far the best investment there is.

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