Happiness often comes in the form of achieving goals. As a child, it is our natural behavior.

We learn to walk because we feel that walking gives us a better view of the world and we can go see places.

We learn how to ride a bike because it gets us faster to where we want to go.

There is not a lot that changes over time.

As adults, we still want to achieve our goals because it gives us a better life and we can go see places preferably as fast as possible.

But achieving our goals can be hard.

Living up to our dreams often keeps us down.

We all want the best for ourselves and our children and Social Media isn’t helping.

We see all these people driving expensive cars and living in exotic places and we want it too.

Who doesn’t?

And yes, it is possible.


We want it now.

And that’s not possible, unless you win the lottery of course.

There is nothing wrong with setting goals as long as they serve your happiness. Whatever your goals and dreams are, you should go for it, considering that you’re passionate about it.

A sportscar can make you happy if you buy it for the right reasons.

We need to stop thinking that happiness and money are separate things. Theoretically, they are, but the things you do with money can certainly make you happy.

And that’s the choice you can make.

That’s why micro-goals are so important.

If you want to earn six figures, start with 5 and build up to six. Enjoy the process because the happiness of achieving your micro successes feels just as good as achieving your big dreams.

If you can enjoy the process it will even give you more happiness.

And at the end of the day, that’s what we all are looking for, right.

Happiness in any kind of form.

Enjoy the little things and if you can’t I’m pretty sure your joy about your great achievement won’t last long and you need to get your next achievement fast.

You will become an achievement junkie which eventually means your moments of happiness will be very brief.

If you can’t enjoy the little things in life, maybe it’s time to look back on what you achieved already and show some gratitude. That will help too.

Whatever you decide to do with your life, try to enjoy the process. Enjoy the journey and not only the destination.

You want to know what the real trick is to happiness?

Well in fact I told you. Try to stay on your journey. That’s where the fun is, that’s where the magic happens.

Take care.


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