Updated: Mar 15, 2021

life coach Eddy Smits

Nowadays it’s challenging in some ways to find the truth. Social media is making it hard to know what’s real or what isn’t? But we don’t need to blame social media. We do it all the time. However, if you are speaking the truth, you know it’s the truth, right? Often, we are afraid to speak up and to tell the truth. We are afraid to hurt people or it’s just easier and more convenient. Trust me, I’m not innocent here. It happens to me too. It’s not as if we don’t want to tell the truth but we avoid the conflict, the awkward silence, the funny looks, the rejection. Let’s face it, as a child we learn in an early stage that telling the truth doesn’t pay off. The liar gets it all. So why would we tell the truth? We’ll there is no logical reason. It’s just easier to lie. It’s that simple. Why should we bother to tell the truth? You can get through life perfectly by lying your ass off. Even religious people can lie as long as they confess once in a while. It’s a brilliant invention! Is there no reason to tell the truth? Why is everybody so keen about telling the truth and why am I bothering to write this? It’s mostly because I am convinced, I can help people by telling the truth. When people hear lies all the time, they have a wrong perception of themselves and that will bring them in trouble sooner or later. If you tell someone they can sing very beautifully they will pursue a career that’s not meant for them and have a life where they cannot explore their real talent. I know this is a silly example, but you get the picture, right? So next time you want to protect people by lying to them, don’t. You will do just to opposite. The truth can hurt but it stings just a little while. Lying is a slow killer. The moment you realize you’ve lived a life full of lies is devastating. That’s why I prefer the truth. Yes, it is painful but at least now you can work on your flaws or rethink, reboot, or change your course of actions. That’s why telling the truth is so important in coaching. At first, they will hate you for it, but in the end, they will thank you. If you are not afraid of committing yourself to your goal, your work, or your dream, then the truth is inevitable. And that’s the truth…

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