I used to say: I’m a coach. When I told this, I rarely got the same reaction.

It went like: Oooh Aaah Really? Which kind of coach? They are popular these days. Can you make a living from it? Who do you coach? You must make a lot of money? I don’t believe in coaching. That’s great! I always work with a coach That’s amazing. Aren’t there too many coaches? Etc. Eventually, I stopped saying that I was a coach. It drew my attention however to the fact that people don’t have a clear view of what coaching is and when you ad the word executive most people think you must be some kind of guru So here’s my answer nowadays: I’m an expert in finding the truth about what makes highly driven performers’ hearts sing and get them in touch with that. Secondly, I will make them aware of how precious and limited life is. Whatever level they are, I make them see that there is still exponential growth possible and when they work with me, I’ll help them acquire that growth. I only work for clients who inspire me. Not everyone gets it, but hey, then again, my coaching isn’t meant for everyone. It’s meant for highly driven people that want to go to the next level. That's only a small percentage. Whatever level they are at, there is a point that they cannot get themselves to the next level because what has worked before doesn’t work anymore. You can only get yourself so far. Another thing people ask me is this: ‘How can you coach these high achieving people like CEOs and successful business people? What did you study so you can do this? Furthermore, you are not a CEO and never led a company. What can you teach them? For starters, I teach them nothing and indeed I never led a company. I don’t coach them in their business. They are an expert in that. That’s their field of expertise. Mine lies in a different space. My expertise is to exponentially let them grow as a leader, as a person so that they can exponentially grow their business as a result of that. I don’t need to know anything about their business and I certainly don't need to be a CEO. I need to be a leader, though. My expertise lies in the fact that I can get them to the next level of leadership. To make them face their fears. To challenge them to aim 10X times higher than they would have done on their own. To increase their growth not with 10% but with 100%. That’s what I do. I help them see what they can’t see by challenging them to get the unaffordable and by telling them the blunt truth. The truly driven ones love me for it. The other ones are not my clients. In all honesty, I tell a short version of this, but I mostly get like a second or five silence before I get a reaction. Well, they asked...

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