Updated: Mar 15, 2021

life coach Eddy Smits

In a post on LinkedIn, I came across an exercise where four circles are used to finding your purpose. If you can’t visualize this, just draw them.

These are the circles:

1.What your good at.

2.What you love

3.What you get paid for

4.What the world needs.

The middle of those circles represents your purpose.

I’m not judging anyone or anything here but really?!

Let me go straight to the point: ‘How complicated do we want to make things’?

To begin with the middle of four circles. How do you get the middle of four?

And what the world needs? Why would that be something that should have anything to do with your purpose?

To me, this seems like a theory developed to fill a keynote.

Yea, let’s make our keynote memorable. Let’s give people something to think about.

Let’s dazzle coaches and let’s, while we’re at it, develop a new test which we can sell to HR people. They will love this shit!

There is so much talk and opinions on social media that more than before people need clarity.

And I don’t think four circles bring much clarity!

Especially for people who are looking for their purpose in life and especially if you want to take this seriously.

The idea of your purpose in life already is a very fluffy thing to begin with and I’m sure you can write a few books about the topic, but what’s the purpose of this?

Is it our intention to search our lifetime what our purpose is, or do we think we will find happiness when we get to that point?

Or is happiness the search, oh yea that’s a good one, let's use that.

We are all looking for our purpose in life although that’s what social media wants to let us believe, but are we?

That’s why we all need a life coach, right. Yea, since corona the coaching business is booming.

Let’s help people finding their purpose.

We are looking to solve the big mystery of humanity and for that people are developing theories and online classes so that we can once and for all have a roadmap to find our purpose or is the purpose just to sell stuff?

Isn’t it time we look for simplicity? And by simplicity, I mean the kind where you get a clear view of things. Didn’t Einstein tell us that when you can’t explain it simply, you don’t fully understand the concept?

Four circles?

I think Einstein wouldn’t even grasp it, but how could he and how can we? I’ve got the feeling that it’s designed for us to not understand so that we develop another theory or that we can sell our next book or webinar. What else is there to sell during corona?

Are we falling for this?

It seems we have already, there is no stopping it.

Sorry. I don’t play along.

I firmly believe that it’s time we start thinking more binary. Yes or no.

That’s it.

I am convinced that it would increase the chances drastically to find happiness.

Take care.


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