Going 30 years back in time by finding some poems was a blast! 💥

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

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Yesterday I did a brainstorm on which people could benefit the most out of my coaching services.

It turned out to be a deep quest in my soul, and I would like to share it with you.

The reason for doing this was because I found some poems and letters I wrote when I was about 30 years younger than I am now. (I’m 52 now) 😱

I discovered a lot of pain and confusing feelings that I had at that time. My purpose wasn't clear, and I felt deeply unhappy in my early 20’s.

It was educational and painful at the same time.

But it gave me lots of insight into my work as a coach and why I like to work with people who experience the same as I did. Unfortunately, I didn't have a coach back then. It was the pre-internet time and had to figure it all out by myself. But I’m thinking now that I would have been too proud or stubborn to accept help anyhow, which is never a good idea by the way.

As a highly sensitive person, I felt misunderstood all of the time. Mostly I felt that I was born in the wrong world and was constantly present in the wrong place and surrounded by the wrong people. I wanted to please others but did hardly ever think about myself. If fact I never did.

I didn’t fit in somehow.😕

Knowing what I know now, that was only a feeling. It was only my reality. Not the reality.

Though I didn’t see it that way, mostly because no one told me, and I was just thinking in circles. My thoughts were troubled too much. It was not clear.

I was thinking all of the time.🤯

There is nothing wrong with thinking, as long as you are thinking constructive, which I wasn’t doing back then.

So, this wonderful trip back in memory lane made me somehow proud that I overcame my feelings and did something positive with them. Guess you can say I gave myself a compliment which I had trouble with for a long time. So now I give misfits clarity by letting them look at things from another perspective.

I say misfits, but you can call them dreamers, creative minds, world improvers, entrepreneurs, no-nonsense guys and girls, honest souls, etc. because these are the ones that are vulnerable and need all the help they can get, at least if they allow it.

Because in the end all we want is being loved and appreciated.😏

That’s why I help misunderstood misfits find purpose and clarity to feel loved and appreciated again.

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