Updated: Mar 15, 2021

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These are strange times we live in.

For the first time since very long, Europe is hit by something like this, a virus. I think the last time was the plague or something, but I could be wrong. I’m not an expert. Other diseases like SARS and EBOLA never had didn’t have an impact like this in Europe. It was only in the news. Now it is here! And it affects us all, whether you like it or not! So how do you find happiness in Corona-time? First of all, I’m not judging the situation. I’m just trying to give some insides on how to find happiness in these strange times, let that be clear. I won’t and can’t judge your situation. But whatever your situation is, you’ll still need to find some happiness, right? The thing that is absolutely clear is that you can’t change the situation. Corona is here and we’ll have to fight it anyway we can. So first you’ll have to accept that. Then make sure you take the necessary precautionary measures. There is nothing more you can do. You won’t solve anything with starting to panic. Instead of giving remarks on social media or having an opinion about things you actually know nothing about, try to focus on the things that you can do that make you happy. Spend more time with your family. In most cases you are even obligated to do so, because all other social life has stopped. Catch up with some reading work in your garden if you must, but most of all, this is an excellent opportunity to learn to do nothing. We are all so stuck in the ‘ratrace’, that even in these desperate times we still think we have to do a million things. It seems that we are addicted to it. Do you realize that? So, learn to do nothing! Why would you feel guilty about that? Sit down for an hour and do nothing. Bring the tempo down! This is the ideal opportunity to take a shot at this. I know this is a real challenge for some people, but now it’s the time to do it. Learn to enjoy doing nothing. It can be a challenge, trust me. But once you’ve set your mind that there is nothing urgent to do, which there isn’t, you’ll start to enjoy it. It is more relaxing than any Spa in the world.

Last but not least. For those who have sick people in their family, I wish them all the strength to get through this. Let’s help each other and focus on the positive. Let’s applaud each day at 8pm for the heroes of society, let’s sing, dance, tell jokes, make love but most of all live! If there is something we can do, then it is helping each other. Let’s make sure Corona brings out the good in us! Be safe and take care.

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