Updated: Mar 15, 2021

night sky full of wish lamps

Funny thing, happiness…

I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt, but I keep thinking that it is even more important than money. Although they have a love-hate relationship, let’s focus on happiness.

I think you’ll agree that everyone likes to spend time with happy people and avoids people who tend to nag and look at life as one big punishment of some kind of God.

So then, let’s be honest to ourselves. If we like to spend our time with happy people, why don’t we try harder to be happy ourselves?

Do we really think it’s that hard?

Maybe it’s just a lot easier nagging and criticizing then it is putting some effort in being happy? That may be in fact the reason why so many people are unhappy.

It’s not as if we don’t get a chance to be happy. Let’s face it, we all get our share of bad luck, but that doesn’t mean bad luck will stay, right?

In fact, the sooner we consciously move to happiness the more likely bad luck will disappear as snow to the sun.

Why do people that seems to be happy deserve that extra luck? It’s the same reason why we won’t to be around people that are happy.

Do you really think that people that are unhappy can make you happy or give you good luck?

Of course not! Good luck hide from those people as fast as it can.

Moral of the story. Decide to be happy and you will attract happy people and in turn you will receive more happiness and good luck.

Back to the title or did you think I forgot? Do not be afraid to spread happiness. It’s like lighting a candle with another candle. The fist candle won’t share less light or burn lesser.

It will give the same amount of light and warmth.

Share happiness and everyone around you with light up without you shining any less bright.

Or did that sound too soft and cheesy?

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