I did.

It was in the early ’90s and I got a job through my mother’s friend.

I hated it.

But I was afraid to quit.

Afraid to hurt my mum.

Afraid to let this friend down.

Instead, I cried when the day was over on my way home. I spent my lunchbreaks at the record store opposite my work listened to music with a headphone just to be out of there.

I was feeling nauseous most of the time.

I didn’t know what to do.

Until I finally found the courage to tell my manager I wanted out.

Until this day I still can feel the relief when I told him: ‘I quit’. I hadn’t slept the night before and my hands were sweating.

The manager didn’t see it coming because no one knew I felt this way about the job. I put on a great act every day. It was eating me alive.

After that, I promised myself I’d never stay in a job that I didn’t like whatever the consequences would be.

And I kept my word to myself.

Life is too short. You should do what you love.


The funny thing is that whatever reason you make up not to quit your job, it’s all a big pile of crap! It’s one excuse after the other. You might think your reasons are very noble, but the only thing they do is make you unhappy.

If on a scale from 1-10 you don’t score at least an 8, why don’t you change?

If you think you can’t do it by yourself, then reach out.

We will have a talk and I will make you a promise. You’ll walk away with so many insights on what you can do that it will be one of those talks you’ll keep telling people about throughout your life.

I know how you feel, I’ve been there, but you have to make the choice to do something about it yourself.

See you on the call?

Link is in the comments.

Take care,


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