Updated: Mar 15, 2021

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It’s not only a phrase used in my favorite Netflix show New Amsterdam, but it is also my motto.

Coaching should be about helping people, right?

Although I can help people in a lot of areas -that comes with age- I specialized in helping people who are stuck in finding out how to achieve their goals and dreams, how to keep motivated, how to overcome obstacles. How to have the right mindset.


Mainly because I walked the path.

I studied to become a schoolteacher and I wasn’t happy at all when I finished school.

I didn’t follow my dream.

I chose the easy path.

So there…

All jokes aside I did choose the easy path. I had some brains, so school wasn’t that hard for me. I passed it fairly easily. It wasn’t a challenge at all.

Following my dream was.

I wanted to be creative, make theater plays for children.

I loved playing for kids.

So I joined the army…


It was mandatory that time in Belgium, what did you think?

After that year I did had a few jobs and I even was a teacher for a while.

My happiness however started when I followed my dream.

It wasn’t easy and actually, no one fully believed in me.

Not my parents, not my friends. The only one who believed it was me.

For my parents, it was just a fling and soon I would be going for a ‘real job’ again.

Yeah right!

I followed a certain system which I believe still works today.

Gradually I came across certain challenges and one by one I learned some skills or asked people to overcome to help me overcome them.

Often, I tried it out myself first.

Mostly because I didn’t have the money to pay someone. Looking back now this helped me enormously to make the right decisions and to attract the right people.

I made many mistakes and lost a lot of money.

And I am glad I made every one of them.

Because through these mistakes, eventually, I got there.

I got my dream.

I became a professional clown!

No joke.

See how silly that sounds: ’I want to be a clown’.

I can tell you once you start earning more money, suddenly everyone will take your seriously.

So now my question for you is: ‘How can I help?

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