Updated: Mar 15, 2021

life coach Eddy Smits next to happy child

First, you need to have one.

But let’s be honest. Everybody does.

Just dig deep enough. Deep inside everyone knows what they want.

A dream or goal can be anything. Even material ones like buying a car or a house. There is nothing wrong with that.

It is a necessity to achieve dreams and goals, so don’t be afraid of money.

Most dreams require money by the way.

If they don’t then you’re in luck, but I never came across one who I could achieve without money.

So there.

That’s out of the way.

Subsequently, you have got to figure out how you will get this money, to achieve your goals or dream.

That’s when passion kicks in. Following your passion can also be your dream of course.

Let me clarify this.

Thirty years ago, I had the dream of being an artist. I was very passionate about it. I loved to express myself and so I started my own theater company.

The first obstacle most of the time is money.

Same with me that time.

I needed money.

I needed a plan.

Which is fairly simple. Always. If you make the right choices.

That’s it!

The problem with most people is that to achieve their goals and dreams they don’t want to give in. They want to keep driving an expensive car, go out, eat in restaurants, have a cool apartment etc.

That’s not going to work for everyone.

That’s why it is so important to include your passion in your dream. If your passion isn’t big enough you won’t downsize for example or cut some expenses to invest in your dream.

That can be time or money or both.

The second thing you need to do is to find someone who shares the dream.

Trust me, you can’t do it alone.

I’ve tried it.

It doesn’t work.

You need to have a friend, a partner, wife etc. who fully supports you, otherwise you will never get there.

The third and maybe most important thing, but also most difficult thing is that you have to give it time. It took me ten years to be able to earn some decent money with my passion.

I’m not saying it can’t go faster, but time is always an issue.

But most of all it will take some tough choices to start living your dream, but in the end,

It’s all worth it.

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