how is your COVID19 experience?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

people with containers over their heads and mask

There has been a lot of talks and there will be more. But what have you done in this Corona-time?I mean what kind of action did you take? Yes, it is a time to reflect and to slow our rhythm down but again : 'What have you done?'

  • Did you what until the government decided what you could or what you couldn't?

  • Did you watch a lot of Netflix?

  • Did you participate with the Facebook nonsense?

  • Did your watch TikTok all the time?

Tell me what did you DO? Yes, it is fine that you have been reflecting about your life and the rat race you are in and that suddenly you have the time to spend more time with your kids. But that is not what I mean. What have you done do give this time a sustainable effect? I hope you didn't panic and started suddenly to start doing things online without really think it over. I mean, will the efforts you took have a lasting effect when Corona is over? And what about spending more time with your kids? Did you take action so that you can also spend more time with them when this Corona thing is over? Or is it going to be business as usual after this crisis, or even worse, are you going to do extra work to catch up, once Corona is over? I hope this is something you will reflect on and take action. It is not too late! There is still time to turn this corona experience into a positive one. The only thing you NEED to do is take action and make sure your efforts will be sustainable. Stay safe!

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