Updated: Mar 15, 2021

life coach Eddy Smits

It has been five months since the lockdown.

Who would have thought this would take so long? I guessed it would have been over in a couple of weeks.

Even in the first lockdown, I didn't think much of this Chinese flu.

Work started to fade. I suddenly had no customers. Even though I could relatively easily switch to conference calls, there were no new clients. I guess everybody was holding their breath while the last thing people would spend money on was a coach.

There I was, the small business owner with tons of freedom, but no money. After I was tired watching Netflix, which was about around the same time I felt this was something serious, I regrouped my efforts and got to work.

I started reading up on professional literature so I could serve my clients even better. Yes, I was ready to try out new things.

But I kept waiting for clients.

I needed to dive into the digital world, which I barely knew. I came across new business models like affiliate marketing, traffic hacking, influencers, etc. I updated my website, read stuff about how to get more clients, and even build a funnel.

But nothing worked! How could doing business on-line be so hard! The hours and hours of YouTube videos I watched made it look so easy. But it wasn’t, although in my experience.

I grew up in a world where there was no internet. Hell, when I was a kid, there weren’t even wireless phones, can you imagine! I was twelve years old when my parents bought a color tv. Before that, it was only black and white. That's how old I am!

But my learning curve got steeper because my focus got stronger.

I had to dive again and deeper. What was my reason for existence, if there was any, and what was my ideal client?

Believe it or not, that was the first time I asked myself these questions. I helped people out and gave them advice because I had experience in some fields. Suddenly that wasn't enough anymore.

Fortunately, Corona forced me to focus and do it as thoroughly as possible.

It seems that wasn’t enough either, because it took me forever. I did all kinds of exercises and brainstorms but still couldn’t figure it out. It drove me nuts! Until I started using this digital world. I found out that there were so many people willing to help out. I just needed to reach out. I was learning from the younger generation! Now I know, there is still a ton of work. At least there is a clear direction. Finally, I can see a path that I'm about to follow.

Within this f**ked up corona time, I felt like a startup again and did what I needed to do to grow. I've put my own beliefs and convictions to work and discovered that they also work in this new digital world.

To be continued...

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