Updated: Mar 15, 2021

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Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with a good friend. The topic of the conversation was how much money would we need to be happy?

One million dollars?

It would probably give you a good feeling, no doubt about that. And maybe it would even make you financially independent. That would depend on your lifestyle, right?

The big question that remains is however how would you know that you would be happy if you have a million dollars?

It’s not like you have it, at least I don’t. So how do you know?

The answer is therefor that you can’t.

The next question is; why do people think that when they have money, they will be happy?

That is a great misunderstanding. There are a lot of studies that confirm that lottery winners are not happier when they win the lottery. Even worse, after an average of 2 years most lottery winners lose their money. The feeling of happiness that they encounter doesn’t last long. They soon find that money isn’t the key.

On the opposite money helps, no doubt about it.

So, what is the secret?

The secret lays in the fact that money is a secondary product.

Let me explain.

The key to happiness is to be found in our actions. What is our passion? Who do we love? How do we interact with people? How do we interact with ourselves? In what sort of human being are we evolving? How do we enrich ourselves with knowledge, self-esteem, gratitude etc.

That said, the riches is to be found in ourselves and in what happens in the now.

If we pursue our dream and this results in a big paycheque, then there is a chance, we will find happiness. But the happiness lays in the moment we are pursuing it and not in the perspective of earning money or any result, because that is a very brief feeling.

We focus to much on the result, the price that we literally forget that happiness lies in between. A painter is happy painting and if his masterpiece sells, that’s even better, but his happiness is much more meaningful during the act of painting.

The moment we realize that happiness is hidden in the journey, we will feel happiness as something that is always around and the search for is inessential.

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