I can't quit my job, I’ve got a responsibility. I’ve got x children, a wife, mortgage etc. This is without a doubt the number one reason people don’t quit their job. So now what do you do then? Do you stay being unfulfilled and head straight for depression and burn-out? Because that’s where you are heading. So how do you quit? Let’s check if you have what it takes to take this bold decision. I call it the 5 P.

Passion Are you passionate enough about something? Before you say no, everybody has a passion. And if you still say no, then book a call. We will uncover it.

Patience There is no magic wand, at least not in the real world. Things don’t happen overnight. If you want to start your own business, it will take some time to build it.

Perseverance It won’t be unicorns and rainbows the whole time. You will encounter many roadblocks. You will need the perseverance to get through the tough times.

Plan This one is obvious, I guess. When you have a responsibility you better plan ahead. Although the plan will change constantly, it’s good to have one or at least something you know you can always fall back at. When I changed jobs (I did it a few times) I could always work as a waiter. That was my backup plan.

People You need people to help you and people, like your family, to support you. Without it, you stand no change. But you’ll have to listen to the right people.

You see. It’s simple. It isn’t easy, but it is simple. Hop on a call with me when you are thinking about quitting your job.

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