How to see opportunities during this pandemic as a creative person?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

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Since the start of the pandemic, lots of artists or other creative professionals are struggling.

Especially those who earn their money with performing. Bands, magicians, clowns, presenters, stage performers, etc.

At the beginning of the pandemic, everybody thought it would be business as usual after a few months. We thought we could sweat it out. Most of us sat down, reflected on life, and waited for it to be over. Maybe as an artist, we took some time off, worked on some new material we could use when things went back to normal?

By now, most of us are starting to realize we woke up in a different world and life as we knew it is over!

If you are still waiting for it to settle down and go back to the way it was, I’m afraid your mindset is not up to date. If by now your financial situation is looking not good you know something has got to happen, right? I refer to those artists who are in the business for some time and are not the youngest anymore. Suddenly your experience isn't worth much. Could it be that you've got to learn new stuff?

If you want to keep doing what you love, keep executing your passion, it's time to shift your focus from the pain to the opportunities. You have to convince yourself that if you don't see them, you are looking in the wrong place!

What I suggest is that you take a deep dive into your creative business and do a brainstorm on how it can blossom in this new age. Be honest to yourself and accept that maybe there are some things you won’t be able to do anymore. But you are a creative person, so I’m convinced you’ll find challenges within your passion. But you need to do a mind switch.

Go and search peers, brainstorm with them or look for colleagues who have already shifted to another gear.

Focus on solutions, not problems.

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