I admit. I hate waiting. Queuing. Being in traffic. I even get agitated in a ZOOM call. When it seems to be going nowhere, or when someone asks a question that has been answered. OMG, I hate that! I want to throw something at these people because they are slowing things down! No one likes to wait, but one of the things about highly driven and committed people is that we get agitated or even angry. I do! However, there's also a good site to it. We like it when things are moving so we take swift decisions. Everything we take on gets done! There is also a flip side. Sometimes we are too impulsive. Therefore we lose time and money. I needed to learn how to slow down was in my previous career as a hospital clown. By doing as little as possible, I got the best results with children in hospitals. Doing nothing for a highly driven person requires a lot of energy. But it’s worth it. That brings me to now. There are plenty of reasons why it is better to slow down. For one, if you keep going at the pace the world is moving, you’ll burn out! Secondly, slowing down means you can reflect on things. I admit thinking is hard work, that's the reason so few people are into it The biggest win you get from slowing down is that life gets better. Your happiness level rises exponentially. Are you slowing down enough?

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