And it’s a vicious one.

It’s called Assumption.

It kills our dreams.

Did you ever catch yourself saying: ‘This won’t work’, while you don’t know?

You make a story up in your mind that it won’t work anyhow.

You assume that they are not interested.

You assume that they are not going to call you back.

You assume that being on social media won’t make a difference.

You assume that being in a relationship is nothing for you.

You assume that your skills aren’t good enough to get a job.

You assume that you can’t make a living out of it.

You assume that it won’t work.


The result is that you won’t take action.

You won’t make that call.

You are not going to write that letter.

You are not making a post on social media.

You are not going to approach that beautiful boy or girl. You are not learning French.

You are not checking things out.


If you think like that, you’ll never find anything in life and your business will not work.

Do you want to know how to fight Mr Assumption?

You take massive action!

That’s it.

Maybe it isn’t easy, but it is simple!

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