I want to change the world

I mean it. How did I start and what would I like to change? I'll get to that in a minute. It sounds like an impossible dream, but what if it isn’t? If you think of what’s happening in the world, right now, it can be done. How? Spread it like a virus. One person gets infected, and he infected several people who in their turn infected others. That’s the way to do it. Starting with one person at a time. I believe that happiness is something we all strive to achieve. I also believe that if you search for happiness, you’ll never find it. Happiness lies 'in the moment' thus we need to create one moment after the other. There are many ways to do that. My way is to be in those moments of happiness is to do what I love. I've been doing it all my life, although I had periods that I wasn't true to myself. Those were dark times, I'm sure you can relate.

I know better now. And I am spreading the virus. Do the fuck what you love! Whatever that is. By now it must be clear that you can make money with anything. Money! Oh my God, here we go again... Whether you like it or not, money plays an important role. What you do with money affects your level of happiness in a big way. Providing our family is one of these ways, but if you like to play it bigger you can build schools or put scientists to work to figure out how we can take care of our planet or cure diseases.

But it all starts with one person.


How will I make you happy? That’s an easy one.

I can’t.

You’ll need to do that yourself, but if you would do what you love, how would that affect you? I’m sure you were dancing and jumping around, yes? How would that affect your relationship? Seeing your partner happy will have a positive effect, without a doubt. Happiness is contagious. How would it affect your children? If you had the time to play with them? Instead of coming home totally stressed and unfulfilled. How would it affect your friends? You will be fun to be around, and they wouldn’t have to listen to your endless complaining about your boss and what’s going on at work and how you would do it differently. How would it affect your family? No more discussions about politics and how they fuck up everything. And why are taxes so high? I guess you get the picture. You would lead a different life.

Am I dreaming? I am not. Did you ever consider the possibility this is achievable? Believe it or not, many people lead this kind of life.

I do.

Surely life throws some challenges at me now and then. My life is far from perfect, but I can say that I do what I love. Changing the world one person at a time. I have to put the effort in it every day to stay on that path and more than once I fucked it up but in the end.

I do!

Do you? Would you like to start?

Then let’s have a chat and I’ll tell you all about how you can have that too. Don't keep dreaming about it. Start doing it.

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