Updated: Mar 15, 2021

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It has been some years now since I’ve started coaching. That kind of happened naturally after my career as a hospital clown. I learned so much during these 10 years about myself and people in general. I wanted to share this knowledge with the world, so I wrote a book in 2012. At that time social media wasn’t so omnipresent as it is now, so I gave lectures to sell my book. As a result, I even started giving these lectures in Belgian prisons. These lectures gave me even more confidence and belief that the way of thinking I learned as a clown could bring happiness in life, business, and relationships. Everybody was wowed by the fact that I did this and thought it was fascinating. But nobody understood what I was talking about. The undertone often sounded as: ‘Why would I listen to a clown?’ I started doubting myself. I searched for similarities and insight and concluded what I had discovered in these 10 years takes most people more than a lifetime. It proved I had no reason to doubt. This hardened my convicting that I was on the right path and at the same time I became aware of the fact that I was the only one walking this particular path. People wanted to define me and most of the time they thought I was doing this spiritual thing… But I wasn’t. I am not! I just found a way to skip the BS and go straight to the root of the problem. I learned that the hard way in hospitals. You don’t enter the room and wait 10 minutes before you make the child laugh because you want to check its past, or what is disease is, or what the parents should think of it. It can all be helpful but in fact not necessary. The sooner you make the child laugh, the better. And if that happens after 2 seconds that’s great! This is also what I do in my coaching. If the problem can be solved fast, why would I keep coaching a person for a year or maybe longer? I can assure you that most people know exactly what they should do to achieve their goals or to change. They just need a little push and insight. That’s all. They don’t need a psychological profile. They need somebody who helps them get confident enough to address the problem and do something about it. Sometimes they just need some accountability, that’s all! We all make it too complicated. Trust me, you can make the peeling of a banana complicated if you want to. Things aren’t complicated, we just make them that way. In the end, it is simple. You just need to get rid of the nonsense

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