Often, I hear. I’m taking it slow. We will get there. It depends. If you’re building a business, I understand that taking it slowly once in a while gives you some room to breathe. You should give yourself some space. You’ll get ideas, and feel refreshed.

On the other hand, if you feel that you’re stuck, taking it slow might be a bad idea.

Let me compare it with ripping off a bandaid. The slower you rip it off, the more it will hurt and the more you will be thinking of leaving it on.

Or when you are going to swim and the water is very cold. The chances of you going back to sit in your chair and NOT swimming increase by big numbers when you are taking little steps into the water. With each step, your body and mind will want to get you back into their safe position.

You get my point, right.

The more reason we give our mind to go back to its old ways, the more likely we will NOT change or do the things we need to do. Even if we know deep down, we have to change.

It’s human. Our mind will always prefer a status quo even when this status quo is bad.

I encourage you to jump in the water, to make decisions that you can’t go back to. That’s the only way things will change.

What’s your excuse?

PS: That’s also how I coach. Laser-focused and quick as lightning.

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