When I started my art career back in 1993, I knew nothing about being an artist.

I merely had a dream, a desire to make my living doing something I loved.

I found my true passion in puppet theater.

Making the puppets, to begin with. Writing the story, making music designing a décor, and building it.

It was great fun!

Since I had a daytime job back then, there was no financial pressure.

But there was a passionate pressure.

I mean I hated my daytime job.

I felt even nauseous even when I had to go to work.

I quit my job after 8 months. People thought I was crazy because it was a good job with a lot of growth potential within the firm.

I was still young so if I had stayed there this time, I would had a C-level job.

But all of my body and soul told me to leave.

So I did.

I still remember the feeling it gave me when I went into my boss’s office and told him I wanted to be out as soon as possible.

That feeling is one of the best feelings in life!

A feeling of freedom.

A feeling of relief.

It was the best decision I had made so far.

So I didn’t make any money but so what.

I never felt better.

I still had my waiter job and after a few months, I started teaching because I thought that would be more fun.

But unfortunately, that wasn’t the thing either.

I can hear you think why I didn’t focus again on my puppet theater but I made the mistake then I would make a few other times more in my life and that many people make.

So, there is no shame in that.

I made excuses for myself and went for the money. Not for my passion.

Luckily, I kept pursuing this dream and in 1998 I decided to go full in for my dreams.

I kept doing this and I still am.

I’m also making the mistake regularly to go for the money.

Fortunately, now I can correct myself in time and keep pursuing my dream.

I know it isn’t easy and I know excuses are easily made. There is always an excuse not to follow your dream.

I can only ensure you that the feeling you get from making the decision and start following your dream is incomparable with any other feeling.

It is the feeling of happiness freedom and it will energize you like nothing else.

I wish this feeling for everyone.

Take care.


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