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life coach Eddy Smits portrait close-up

True story. From the early 90’ to 2015, I was an artist. In 1998 I turned professional. I didn’t realize it at the time, but looking back, I did some extraordinary things! During these exciting, challenging, and sometimes hard years, the biggest challenge I had was staying true to myself and my vision. I had the talent to ‘read’ an audience. Everyone has a talent, and mine still is: 'reading people' Before you think I'm a wizard, fortune teller, guru, or spiritual leader, it's just something I've had all my life, even as a child. My mother still has it, despite her blessed age of 90. This talent was an ideal asset to develop my stage performances. At some point, I made a show that mesmerized kids from the age of 3 until the age of 12. I can hear you think: ‘How is this possible?’ And some of you are probably thinking: ‘This isn’t possible!’ Teachers, psychologists and pedagogues, will confirm it is NOT POSSIBLE. But it is! It’s possible if you know how to do it. I am not exaggerating. These shows were amazing. In every school we played, they wanted the new one as soon as it was available. Unfortunately, I could only play that particular show for 2 weeks due to its theme. Despite the fact nobody believed I could pull it off, scarcity made it sell out every year. Sadly, for other shows, it was a hard nut to crack as there was no time scarcity. It made me very sad as it subtracted so much energy. I couldn't believe why an educational system was so keen on putting labels on children. Oh yea: If there is no label, we can't treat it. Right? Wrong. We don’t need to treat it! I don't believe in putting nametags on people. Everyone is unique in every sense. To captivate everyone, you’ll have to use a holistic approach. Things aren’t always what they appear, and labels often won’t reveal the root of the problem! It’s like getting a haircut to solve your toothache. Is it then surprising that it doesn’t help or that the results are inadequate? You can’t even blame the barber. So, what am I? A life coach? Mindset coach? confidence coach? Business coach? Relationship coach? Health coach? Motivator? Mentor? Consultant? What's in a name? It is about clarify your vision and direction. It is about strategizing your actions. It is about mastering your mind and emotions. It is all about results.

That's all that matters.

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