Updated: Mar 15, 2021

life coach Eddy Smits with cigar

The way I see money is that it is some kind of system that gives value to what you do. I don’t think it’s the best system, but it is a system, and we’ll have to cope with it if you want to live in this society, which you are if you are reading this. The more value people give at your service or work, the more you will receive. If you are a doctor you will earn more money than a waiter, because they value a doctor more than a waiter. You could argue that a doctor is more valuable for society but that’s not the case.

The system is wrong because a nurse will get less money and there is no reason why?

I don’t think that a nurse's work is less valuable, do you? That’s where the system has a flaw.

You have two possibilities.

You go with the system and if you want to make a lot of money, you’ll have to play it like society wants you to play it.

I am not judging here.

But the problem occurs when you want to make a lot of money, but you don’t want to fit in the system.

What are you going to do then? There are without a doubt some possibilities on-line, but isn’t it smarter to consider first, why you want money?

Money is only as good as the value you are giving it.

People give value to money, but you support the system because you value a big car more than a small car even though you can get for A to B just as well in a small car as in a big car.

There is this duality that if you penetrate it, you can play with it, and whether you care about money or you don’t, you can find a balance.

The key is finding balance.

If you fit in the system, there are many ways to make money but if you don’t fit in the system you will need another perception of money.

To me, money is something to put food on the table, to educate my children, to put a roof over my head, to buy some clothes, to go on holidays, eat in restaurants, and smoke cigars.

That’s why I need money. That’s it!

Since I know why I need money, I can decide how much money I need. I can work for a big house or a small house. A big or a small cigar etc.

I know it will give me no more pleasure to live in a big house, well maybe it would, but that’s not where my priority is. It’s all in your mind and that is why in my mind I don’t need all that money, although I’m sure it is nice to live in a big house.

Would I say no if somebody would offer me a lot of money, of course not! Are you crazy?

But I value it differently than someone who just wants a lot of money.

This goes for all material things. It’s only how we value them.

Here’s an insight.

You decide what you need to lead a happy life. Nobody else. You are in charge of deciding whether the system will make you happy or not. There is even no wrong choice to be made. Just a choice. And you can change that choice whenever you want to change it.

Summarized: if you want to drive a sportscar, please do, because for one, I like them and it will bring you happiness without a doubt. But when this car doesn’t represent your value, decide not to pursue it and I can guarantee this will bring you happiness as well.

That’s what we call S.E.R.I.O.U.S thinking.

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