This is what I've learned from Africa

For 3 years now I’ve been dividing my time between Europe (Belgium) and Africa (Nigeria).

As a life coach, this is a very exciting experience.

We, as life coaches encourage people to live in the NOW. There are even several books to be found regarding this topic.

But what about experiencing the NOW?

Africans don’t need to read books to live in the NOW, they just do.

So why are we having a hard time doing this?

It seems like in Africa they don’t think about tomorrow, and in a way, most Africans don’t.

If there is food on the table today, it’s ok.

It seems that most of them are living their lives without thinking about tomorrow.

It shows. I was last in a store and at some point, they just start dancing. I don’t see this happening in Europe!

It seems like they have found the key to happiness.

You must ask yourself if they really did.

It is indeed the purest mindset to happiness.

So, what is the flip side if there is any?

It’s obvious.

Living completely in the NOW holds the risk of stressing yourself when things occur. Because when you are living in the NOW you don’t plan.

And that’s where things go wrong in Africa and that’s what gives them stress.

And let that be the thing where we Europeans are exaggerating.

The balance has tipped over.

We are overplanning everything. We have forgotten that life can’t be planned, something Africans are very aware of.

Knowing this, how do we implement this NOW ideology?

Because it is clearly a path to happiness.

We have to be aware of when we can live in the NOW and when planning is necessary.

To begin with, let’s not plan our lives too far ahead. Maybe in business, it’s the right thing to do, but if you want to live a happy life it certainly isn’t.

Try to enjoy the moment and not plan too far ahead.

Let’s stop making plans for our children even before they are born.

Let’s stop making plans for our 50th Birthday when we are only 45.

Let’s stop making plans for our careers when we are still in school.

Let’s stop making plans for a new car when our present car is still running perfectly.

Let’s stop in general.

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