It’s like my head is always giving me feedback. There’s this constant thinking going on. It never stops! It’s twofold. Before I do something, for example, giving a workshop I run it a thousand times in my head. All the possibilities that could happen, I overthink first. I can’t help it. It’s crazy. All the options about what could go wrong pass my head. Luckily I also go through good things. I do visualize things going perfect. After a call or workshop, I can’t stop thinking about how it could have been better, what could I have done differently? It goes on and on and on. How do I stop it? There are a few ways. If you catch yourself doing it, you can snap yourself out of it by saying something silly out loud like ‘oh my God, my feet are smelling today’. That helps. If you feel you are slipping back into your head, you can use a mantra. Just say the same thing over and over until you you stop thinking. The words don’t matter. I use this: ‘Common, stop thinking now, there’s nothing to think about. Another thing that works well is saying or thinking: What's the next thing I'm going to think about? I tried meditation and it works, but I have to be honest, it’s not my thing. What works best for me is doing sport. Most effective are sports where you need to concentrate. Mountain biking works very well for me. Martial arts does the trick too. Running works, but it starts after I run more than 20 minutes. So is swimming. And then there is reading. That way I need to focus on what I read, and I stop overthinking. Last but not least, watching a movie. I can lose myself in a movie so my head stops. Tell me what works for you?

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