As I am very impulsive in what I do, you can imagine my decisions weren’t always thought through well. Yes, that’s an understatement. I remember during my artist days, I had the wonderful idea to buy a tent so that I could perform in that tent. Similar to being a circus. It was a superb tent -because I did quality things- with a wooden floor. The tent even had my logo colour. Flashy green! That’s how I rolled back then. I paid 20k for it. We are talking about 20 years ago so back then it was a lot of money. It still is. My business was doing good, and it seemed like a good investment. OMG. It was the worst thing I ever bought. I forgot that we needed 2-3 hours to put the tent up and I couldn’t transport it in one go. The manhours it took to put up and move this tent were enormous and putting it up was hard work. I was already tired from putting the thing up and then I still needed to perform. It was incredibly stressful. At the worst thing of it all. Nobody wanted to pay for that. I blew it. Performing in the tent meant losing money. I used the tent a few times in a fixed location but it never earned back the investment. After a few years, I sold the tent for 2k. Because of the colour, nobody wanted to buy it. Talking about a bad investment. At the time I tried to justify the investment. I didn’t have the nerve to say it was one of the worst decisions I took in my business. But I learned some valuable lessons which I think was worth more than 20k. That’s why it’s ok to make mistakes. You always learn. Be proud of your mistakes. The ones who cost you a lot of money are the best because they stick!

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