This is why on-line coaching works? Life coach online Eddy Smits.

I was coaching people in a 1-1 way until COVID-19 hit us all.

Just like many of us, I didn’t believe in doing things on-line. They were many objections. It wasn’t personal, you couldn’t get the same results etc.

I was one of the non-believers.

I surely didn’t believe coaching would be just as effective online as it would be off-line.

Like I said, then we got hit by a pandemic.

Even then, I held the on-line coaching back and thought I just would wait until the thing passed.

Then something wonderful happened.

I used to be a professional clown and still help the organization with fundraising etc. Mediclowns put clowns in hospitals to make sick children happy.

Since COVID-19 they weren’t allowed in hospitals anymore.

So we set up a trial to do video chats with sick children.

We were testing things out but everyone was very skeptical.

Would this work?

It wasn’t likely!

Did it work?

TYes, I worked, without a doubt!

It even worked just as well as if the clown was performing in the hospital.

At some point, it even worked better, because now there was interaction with other sick children in the same but also in other hospitals.

I was a very peculiar vibe. Once the clowns were used to the technical stuff they loved it.

It exceeded all our expectations.

This got me thinking.

If this worked, why wouldn’t coaching work?

I started to do the clients that were open for it on-line.

And I must say that there was no difference. It took some getting used to, but now I feel I can help my clients just as well on- as off-line.

Of course, there’s a difference.

But there are also many advantages.

It is much easier to plan, my clients don’t need to fight the traffic anymore, so we both gain time.

And it's cheaper because they don't pay for the transport anymore.

A pure financial gain to start with.

I and my client are in a familiar environment etc.

I’m not saying I won’t do any life sessions anymore, but it is proven now that both work just as effectively.

The positive side of the pandemic is that more and more people are starting to realize that there are advantages to working on-line.

Even more than we thought.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to interact live with people, but should you still have any resistance to talking on-line with people it is time to let it go.

There is no reason at all to think you could not get the same results because there isn’t.

The clowns proved that for me in their work, and if clowns can do it, why can’t you?

Take care.

Eddy Smits

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