Updated: Mar 15, 2021

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Nobody wants them but everybody’s got some.

Remember that time when you had a party at your place?

You invited friends over and everybody had such a good time. You made some food that everyone loved, you started with cocktails, everyone drank too much wine or beer and it was already morning when your friends left.

It was awesome!

The next day however the place was a mess and there was no clean plate or glass to be found in the house.

With a little bit of a hangover, you started to do the dishes. There were so many dirty plates and glasses but somehow you started and after a while it was done.

But then the next day again, you had to do them. This time it was less, but still, you needed to take care of it.

Same with problems. However big your problems are, you need to just start to work on them and after a while, they will be gone. Just like the dishes. But you have to get started. You have to take matters into your hand.

Surely even during solving problems, it can get worse, like you would break a glass or drop a plate during doing the dishes. You would have more work cleaning this up.

Same with problems.

When you are taking care of them it can even get worse.

But how bad it gets, if you just keep moving forward, they will resolve.

Again, same with the dishes. If you put them under the sink, everything seems to be alright, but it will only get worse. It will be a lot harder to clean them afterward.

Address your problems.

Don’t put them under the sink.

The longer you wait to take action, the harder it will get to overcome them.

And just like the dishes, there will always be problems or challenges. Just when you then everything is cleared, there will be new ones.

And there should be because it means you are living!

When you have a lot of dishes it means that you had a party, or you have a big family.

Don’t be sad about your challenges.

Embrace them!

It means you are living.

It means you are getting more out of life than anyone else.

Accept them as a part of life and be happy you have them.

The moment your challenges will stop, that moment your happiness will diminish.

And just like when doing the dishes.

Sing during your problems. Make them fun to address.

Everybody needs to address them.

Be proud of your challenges.

They color your life!

Take care,


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