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life coach Eddy Smits

This was the title of my social media post yesterday and I got some serious reaction on this one.

I’ve written provocative quotes before, but this one struck a cord, which is good because it means it’s in many people’s minds.

But let me begin to establish what I consider ‘the universe’, and which it is in this language.

The term “the Universe” is derived from the Latin word “universum", which was used by Roman statesman Cicero and later Roman authors to refer to the world and the cosmos as they knew it. This consisted of the Earth and all living creatures that dwelt therein, as well as the Moon, the Sun, the known planets, and the stars and beyond.

Sounds a bit like Star Wars, right?

My quote was meant to provoke responses. But not without me knowing what I stand for and why this quote is very meaningful to me.

I wanted to provoke everybody that has a million excuses for NOT acting!

Those who think the answers lie in that what we cannot understand.

I don’t care what the universe is and how far it reaches.

Why should I, as it is at this point incomprehensible and will be for a very long time, I guess.

If you look at it in a sane way, there is no way the universe will help you.

Why should it?

If you admit you are using the universe as a placebo, then I would consider, the use of it, but otherwise.

No way!

Every single day scientists are just scratching the surface.

Why would you trust something you don’t understand?

Do you feel trusting the universe is some kind of religion?

That is, to me, what it looks like. But let's not get off-topic.

Man has always given a divine role at what he does not understand.

People have been killed for claiming the earth wasn’t flat! But the bottom line is. What does it matter if it is flat or not? Does it make our lives better?

I do mind though, that people are being told they should trust the universe because that is making them believe they can use something they cannot grasp.

This is NOT helping them.

Phrases as: ‘the universe is us’ – ‘trust the universe and it will be alright’ – ‘if you just trust the universe it will be ok’ – ‘the universe will guide you’ etc.

That are very superciliously things to claim.

I am a life coach, which means I want to help people overcome their fears, doubts, and insecurities. How do I do that by telling them a force nobody understands controls them?

If you are spiritual, go ahead for all I care. I don’t care, but if you are in the coaching business you have an opportunity to give power to people. To make them see that they are capable of much more than they are doing now. Making them believe the universe will help them is giving them a cape and a t-shirt with an S.

Newsflash: ‘Superman is a fictional character, sorry to shatter your dreams’.

If we let believe the universe will give us the answers it suggests that we can't handle it ourselves. And that's just the whole point. We can take control of our reactions to things.

As coaches it is imperative, we take this stand.

Otherwise, again as coaches, we are seeing ourselves as a guru, which for all clarity means ‘teacher’.

Again, we as coaches are no teachers. We aren’t!

We can learn as much from our coachees then they can learn from us.

As coaches, we discover the solution in our coachees, because he or she has all the answers. We must give our coachees the confidence he or she can take life head-on.

They don’t have to hide behind the universe.

Let me clarify another thing about the coaching profession.

Most coaches are not interested in helping people so that they can help themselves in the long or even in the short run.

They are interested in giving people a good feeling after their session is over, so they will come back for more.

It’s almost as an addiction. No, it is an addiction!

People are willing to take the lies as long as they feel good. It’s like a drug. As long as they feel good, they don’t need a solution.

Do you see the comparison with the universe?

They don’t have to do anything because the universe will take care of it.

They don’t have to change because the universe will take care of it

They don’t need to stop drinking because the universe will give them a sign.

Which sign! Since when is the universe, Batman?

We, as coaches have to make sure that we let people take responsibility for their own lives!

They have to be accountable for their own lives! Not the universe.

You must be asking by now why my opinion about this is so strong?

Where did I get this insight? The universe certainly didn’t tell me.

If you want the whole story you can download my book. You’ll find it on my site.

But let me be brief.

I’ve been a hospital clown for 10 years and saw children not older than 3 dying of cancer.

Do you think the answer ‘everything will work out fine’ would be ok for those parents?

Where was the universe then?

What did they do wrong?

Should they have prayed or meditated more?

Should they have driven an electric car?

Should they have bought a smaller house?

There is no reason for things to happen. And we cannot control anything.

It’s all action and reaction.

You have no control in life. None!

You can’t predict what’s coming.

But what you do have is control over your reaction to what's happened.

You've got 100% control over that! That’s your superpower!

To end I would like to add this :

If you want to believe in the power of the universe, go ahead. If that is your truth, I'm ok with it. I'm not writing this to prove you wrong. I'm writing this so you could see this 'universe thing' from another perspective. I'm writing this so you have an alternative way of thinking and especially for you to see how I help people.

That is what we, coaches do, and I am proud of it!

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