Updated: Mar 15, 2021

life coach Eddy Smits next to smiling child

And if you think about it, there has to be one! I'm pretty sure of this.

Let me elaborate. In my previous career as a hospital clown, some attitudes worked and others didn’t work.

I started clowning more than 30 years ago, knowing absolutely nothing about it. But it fascinated me and I had a great passion for it. I experienced some tough times, but my clowning evolved to a level where I could compete with the best clowns out there worldwide.

More than a decade ago I started doing martial arts. I knew absolutely nothing about it, but it fascinated me and I had a great passion for it. Seven years after I started, I got my black belt and started teaching children. I even did some teaching in NY and Lagos.

About 8 years ago I wrote Model C, my book where I explored some universal truths. It is actually about personal growth and how to overcome challenges.

If I look back now, the same principles applied in clowning and martial arts although they are miles apart from each other.

And I mean not only a principle as don't give up, but other, more deeply systems which are very valuable in life, emerged.

Now it leaves me equipped with a tool, a way of thinking and acting that allows me to leed the life I desire and aspire.

Once you’ve figured that out, there are no more boundaries, no more limitations.

That is the secret!

And it is simple. I’m not saying it’s easy, but I do say it is simple. And it should be!

So today I have to counter the same remarks, questions, and misunderstandings.

For example :

As a clown you are not taken seriously, it is not a business! People think you are just fooling around. They don’t see the deeper meaning.

As a martial artist, people think you like to fight. They completely miss the point of martial arts. It is exactly the opposite of that.

In coaching, again, people don't see the value or a deeper meaning. You get remarks as:

‘oh no, another coach!’

Why don’t you get this remark if you are an accountant? I'm convinced there are just as many accountants as coaches. Probably even more?

You see, there are a lot of similarities.

You could say, I have figured it out

For now at least!

Happy to hear your thoughts.

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