Someone asked me the other day what I thought that the most important mindset is you could have.

I told him it was the belief that there is no right or wrong.

Let me elaborate on this.

There are so many opinions as there are people, right. Being on social media proves it all.

Especially when you discuss themes as religion or abortion, you know these kinds of topics where people all get wind up and lose their minds over.

But the simple matter is that there is no truth and humanity has to evolve just like anything else. There is only some scientific proof that is true until proven wrong. That’s it.

You can discuss it anyhow you would like, but what people think and what they believe is the result of culture, place, and the ability to educate themselves.

So how is this mindset helping you?

It helps you in the way that the only truth is the one you believe in. And if that truth corresponds with the way other people are thinking, then you have what people nowadays call a tribe, which is nothing more than people with the same ideas about life or stuff in general.

Whether this tribe gives you a home for your thoughts or your business is irrelevant. You can have multiple tribes for all that matters.

The key is that once you’ve found this tribe, life gets easier. Once you’ve found a way to cope with life and your thoughts, you stop worrying, you stop thinking and most of all you stop searching.

You start living at that moment.

The whole point of this mindset is to realize that whatever you are thinking, whatever you are believing it is ok.

This means also that you have to accept what other people believe and think although this can be the opposite of what you think.

It’s not your job to convince people to think you are right. That’s just exhausting. There’s no use.

When you live your life like this it will bring happiness, without a doubt. It will clear up some really important questions of life in the process too.

And the beauty of it all is that this way of thinking is so simple and easy that everyone can do it.

In my life, this mindset has given me peace of mind and freedom that exceeds any kind of payment or money.

It is truly a way to keep things simple.

You don’t need to understand things to lead a happy life.

You only need to trust that all you need is there and it is available for you just as it is for everyone else.

If you want to learn this way of thinking, I am glad to help you.

Contact me.

Take care.


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