We are so good at advising people.

We are so good at assumptions.

We are so good at judging.

I suggest we start working on doing these things to ourselves.

Assumptions are seldom right.

Advising other people without knowing what they have gone through is of no use

And judging is easy, but it has no worth whatsoever, not for the one you judge and not for yourself.

We are so keen on putting our noses in others lives that we forget where our focus should be if we want to accomplish anything.

If you listen to common conversations most of the time we are talking about other people.

We take more interest in other people's lives than in our own.

And it’s not that there is something wrong with it although you won’t get anything out of it, but if you want to achieve things in life, anything, you’ve got to put the focus on yourself.

All the rest is distraction and gossip.

Why would you be interested in other people's worries or accomplishments?

Does it make your own life better?

The answer is obviously


All the energy and time you now use to talk about others is lost.

You can’t put it into your own life.

I’ve got a small rule about that.

If it’s not affecting me or my family and I can’t do anything about it anyway, then I don’t care.

Let’s take COVID.

We can talk as much as we like about it but it’s not going to change anything.

All the time we waste talking about it and reading about it, we can better use it for our lives.

That’s one of the reasons I’ve stopped watching the news regularly.

I will now only get into it once in a while.

You can’t stop the earthquakes and wars of this world.

You can’t change politics if you don’t go into them.

So why would you bother?

If you are not behind the wheel, ultimately the drives decides which road he will take.

So if you want to change anything, go and sit behind the wheel.

Start focusing on yourself and directing your life in the way you want it to evolve.

Good luck.

Take care.


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