Updated: Mar 15, 2021

life coach Eddy Smits

Shit happens, right. Right! We all have a bad day, but we must keep it confined to one day. It’s even important that once in a while you let your emotions run free. Then you cry, shout, feel miserable, yes, then it is you against the world! But what about the next day? The next day you can decide that it’s been enough. Why would you wait a day longer? There is no point. It won’t change anything. You decide! You are in control of your thoughts. How long does it take to pull yourself up? If you can’t do it the next day, then when? It’s alright to fall, as long as you keep standing up, right? As long as you stand up one time more than you feel, anything goes. And when you fall, why should you stay on the ground for much longer than a day? Or even not a day? There will always be a reason not to stand up and blame it on everyone else but you. Don’t depend on others to pull you up. If there is someone to pick you up, be grateful, but don’t count on it, that way you can’t get disappointed. The moment you realize you can always stand up after you fall, that moment your business will change and with it your whole life or the other way around. I’m convinced there has to be balance in everything we do. Balance in life, balance in love, balance in work. If your balance is right, you can cross the narrowest path and conquer the highest mountains. Take care. Eddy.

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