What is coaching?

And why are people who have made it in business and have their own personal life sorted out so keen on it?

Coaching means something different for everyone. People who were coached all say the same thing: coaching really makes the difference. It leads to fast, sustainable and measurable results. The individual, the team and the organization are thus committed to success and “excellence”.

There are many situations where coaching is recommended. In essence it comes down to awareness.

That which you are not aware of directs you. I can influence what you are aware of.

Basically, you have the energy and the potential to deal with changes and with life as it is. The coach will take you to the edge of your comfort zone. This will give you courage and make the best of your life, including your work.

So use coaching when you want to set and realize goals and when you want to discover and use your full potential. That way you are at the wheel of your life.

Imagine that you were offered to formulate and realize your own goals, to discover your strengths and use them more, to direct yourself more effectively, to face your limitations and to work your way around them to focus your attention and make the best use of your resources, as well as to change or improve things to your advantage.

Would you be interested? This is what coaching has to offer…

Coaching makes the difference

Where, then, does coaching make that difference? What then are those results that are being achieved? A small selection of possible effects:

• You create perception broadening. This way you see new possibilities and you make other choices more quickly.

• You integrate new habits and competencies that connect seamlessly with desired results and with the needs of the business community.

• You learn to deal with stress and (resistance to) changes, ideal for avoiding burnout.

• You strengthen your self-confidence because you look at your qualities (instead of just your mistakes).

• Coaching offers support in self-reflection. It puts you in touch with what is really important to you. This way you will fully believe in your own success and realize it.

• Coaching is a path to the new success: well-being, inner wisdom, generosity and wonder.

• Coaching is the way to make a culture change in companies possible. The road to really allowing feedback and to management from understanding.

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